Who We Are

We are a full-service, licensed custom residential & boutique commercial architecture studio.

We design projects of all scales, from kitchen remodels to extensive renovations, to new homes and commercial buildings.



I grew up Charleston, South Carolina, surrounded by some of the most historic, beautiful, and well-preserved homes in the country. This context combined with my artistic background in visual arts (watercolors and pottery), it was natural that I would want to work in this wonderful field. My first architecture job was over a summer break from college at Clemson University, with Christopher Rose, the founder of the Custom Residential Architects Network (CRAN). Chris taught me about client relationships, schematic design, site analysis, and how to be a great boss and mentor. I was a very serious architecture student and regularly sought out opportunities to challenge myself with new work experiences. The summer before my senior year I landed an internship with the renowned firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ). It was here that my interest in the urban design of new places was fostered and grew. I moved to Miami after finishing school and worked with them for a period before moving on to work with Zyscovich Inc, doing urban design and mixed-use commercial work.

Graduate school at the University of Oregon focused on Sustainable Design, and eventually a love of the Pacific Northwest landed me in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here I stayed for 8 years working in the urban design and multi-family residential sector of architecture. In 2013, my husband and I moved our family to Minneapolis to be close to our extended family. It is here, in the center of the beautiful Midwest, that my career has come full-circle back to residential architecture. Directing the architecture department at Choice Wood Company was a great experience that allowed me to work with some of the most talented craftsmen and carpenters in the industry. I have had the privilege of working for some amazing clients on truly interesting projects and I offer the breadth of my experience, knowledge, and passion to the clientele of the Twin Cities. 

All of my experience in architecture has centered around creating beautiful experiences for people in the built environment. It is this kernel of a concept that drives great architecture. No matter the size of the project, the goal is always to make a space better than it was, and to help clients realize their vision -- their dream.


I grew up in the Twin Cities and have always called Minnesota home. Being creative, making things, and improving experiences through design and innovation define and drive both my personality and my career. After finishing my BFA in studio art at the University of Minnesota's Duluth campus, I made my way back to the Twin Cities and started graduate school to study architecture. I received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota in 2011. 

I design with a rigorous attention to detail and a deep appreciation for how natural light, materiality, and color affect each space. My artistic sensibilities guide my design decisions, as does the desire to create a sense of place that resonates emotionally. Listening and curiosity play large roles in my design process -- I enjoy discovering the special qualities in both people and places that distinguish them from the rest. I believe good design is not prescriptive, but responsive. It is equal parts heart and intellect. 

Prior to joining Joy in her studio, I worked at two local commercial architecture firms and a design-build company, focusing on humanitarian, healthcare, higher education and hospitality projects. 


What sets us apart

Our mission is to create beautiful, high quality spaces for our clients. We believe in working closely with clients to ensure that their priorities are understood and ultimately expressed in a style that uniquely represents their personality and needs.

As a small firm, we feel especially suited to do just that, with our ability to give your project thoughtful attention and consideration.